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bucuesicons's Journal

BuCUE's icons
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BuCUE's icon blog
Welcome to BuCUE's icon blog. It is a place filled with wonder, amazement and some slightly unimportant things like icons, textures and comments. Posts will be done randomly and contents can be just about anything. If you wish to request a series or theme then please do so, while not all will be filled, some will be when I'm bored.

Taking icons
If you take any icons please leave a comment saying which you are taking and credit to bucuesicons on the icons page.

You may use the icons any where you wish as long as credit is given back to the community. Editing icons is also fine, but the above rules apply and I would like to see the edited icons afterwards please.

http://lj.indisguise.org/icontablegenerator.php - Icon tables I use.
http://www.dokuganryu.com - Various scans.